QINGDAO LINLANG INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO.,LTD. is a company specially producing and dealing with wooden decorations, wooden furniture and other household ornaments.
The Company has it's own designers for creating all kinds of it's main products: wooden boxes, wooden frames, wooden toys, wooden trays, wooden boards, wooden barrels and other wooden products. Festival gifts and some stuffed toys are also part of the products of the Company.
The Company keeps continuously developing newest products to meet the needs of it's customers. The customers from different markets are satisfied it's new products.
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· 寻找弹簧  6月12日 3379
· 丝光棉彩色线绳  8月26日 3867
· 寻求木制品加工  8月26日 3578
· 手机腰扣  8月26日 3602
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